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Bitcoin Whale Transfers Over $1 Billion to Binance
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A wealthy investor has moved over $1 billion worth of Bitcoin (BTC) to Binance, the world’s largest crypto trading platform by volume. Whale movement research network Whale Alert found that a high-net-worth trader initiated a massive transfer Thursday evening and transferred 68,200 BTC worth ...
A-BigMove Is Coming For Bitcoin
1665564202 12 Oct / 08:43
A prominent trader who accurately predicted Bitcoin‘s (BTC) fall of over 50% in March is now warning that new lows are ahead. The Twitter monger who goes by the name ‘Capo‘ told his followers that once the cryptocurrency‘s brief surge is over, a major capitulation could be ...
Things don't look good for Bitcoin, says expert
As the overall cryptocurrency market tries to regain strength and Bitcoin (BTC) struggles to hold above the $19,000 level, there could be more bad news for the leading digital asset. Crypto trader and analyst Josh Rager suggested that “things don’t look so good right now” for ...
Interstellar money: Or how the greatness of Bitcoin from 2017 fades to return or disappear
The crypto industry is preparing for severe consequences after the collapse over the weekend. Bitcoin falls to $17,628 under pressure from rising central bank interest rates. But this is not the only crisis that is looming. Over the past few days, rising temperatures at CeFi lender Celsius saw CEO ...
Crypto Critics or Crypto Holders
1652640657 15 May / 18:50
One of Bitcoin‘s most prominent critics has publicly said he was wrong about Bitcoin after years of rejecting the so-called digital gold. “I was wrong about Bitcoin,” Peter Schiff said on April 2, sparking a severe Twitter discussion. “So many of us appreciate and respect ...
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