Josh Lee

Josh Lee

Josh Lee

Josh Lee

Korea, Rep.Korea, Rep.
‘93 / 31 Y.O.
Years Present
2018 - now
Net Worth
$10.00 M

Osmosis is a product via Osmosis Labs, founded by Sunny Aggarwal and Josh Lee.

Josh Lee has two current jobs as Co-Founder at Osmosis Foundation and Co-founder and CEO at Chainapsis. Additionally, Josh Lee has had one past job as the Ecosystem Development Analyst at Tendermint.

The co-founders Aggarwal and Lee share experience working in the blockchain space. Josh Lee began at Tendermint, known for its byzantine-fault tolerance consensus engine. During that time, he worked with Sunny Aggarwal on the underlying architecture of the Cosmos ecosystem and afterward split to work on various projects, including the Keplr wallet. They rejoined to start Osmosis to build a fully-customizable DEX during this time.

What Josh Lee is excited about is the much-anticipated new Superfluid Staking feature.

“You don’t want a situation where you have too many assets on top of the chain being secured by a minimal number of staked tokens,” Josh Lee explains. “Small improvements like Superfluid Staking can show that Proof-of-Stake AMMs have a different nature than AMMs on Proof-of-Work networks such as Ethereum.” And increasing OSMO’s capital efficiency, according to Josh, is an essential step in that direction.

Superfluid Staking also proves the viability, and even the necessity, of application-specific blockchains or appchains. “Until now, everyone has talked about appchains, but it’s been hard to understand how they would work,” Josh continues. “By providing a feature, you can use, Superfluid becomes a very tangible talking point.”

Аccording to Josh, this is only the beginning – both in terms of what an AMM can do and what other appchains could achieve.

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