Jordan Fish Cobie

Jordan Fish “Cobie”

Jordan Fish Cobie

Jordan Fish “Cobie”

United StatesUnited States
‘88 / 36 Y.O.
Years Present
2013 - now
Net Worth
$1.50 M

CryptoCobain, a.k.a. Cobie, is an investor and cryptocurrency expert active on Twitter. Collectively with Ledger (Brian Krogsgard), he is also a co-host of the UpOnly crypto podcast. He longed to use the Twitter cope with @cryptocobain before changing to @cobie in December 2021. The real name of Cobie is Jordan Fish.

Fish’s Twitter profile states that he has formerly led product/increase at the Monzo online bank platform.

In step with what seems to be Jordan Fish’s LinkedIn profile, Cobie has worked at Monzo bank for a little over three years (from August 2017 to September 2020), beginning as a Product supervisor, growing, and ending as a Director of Product.

Earlier than Monzo, Cobie served as Head of technology at CYOA (January 2013 – April 2015) and Head of growth for (April 2015 – August 2017).

Fish’s LinkedIn profile additionally states that he graduated from the University of Bristol in 2013 with a diploma in computer technology.

CryptoCobain’s Cryptocurrency activity

CryptoCobain is most recognized for its crypto-related activities. He is mainly active on Twitter (thru his @Cobie profile).

In a May 1, 2021, interview with The Daily Hodl, CryptoCobain shared his opinion about the threat Ethereum (ETH) posed to Bitcoin (BTC). Cobie cautioned that if Ethereum manages to overtake Bitcoin’s market cap for an extended period, “it may jeopardize the fulfillment of the leading crypto asset as long-term BTC proprietors trade their holdings to ETH.”

“I suppose many people who might be holding Bitcoin now are in the never sell camp. And the worst-case situation, they’ll move, ‘We must also allocate to Ethereum,’ and take another 1% allocation out of their treasury. On an extended timeframe, I suppose the bear case for Bitcoin is Ethereum.”

“If you have a flipping that sustains or Ethereum gains on Bitcoin, that becomes troubling. A short flip is not any trouble for Bitcoin/USD. I think the flipping is now inevitable, but it will be surprisingly temporary. I suppose you’ll have a large blow-off top, and I trust the ETH blow-off top will be barely before or slightly after the Bitcoin blow-off top.”

Inside the above-referenced episode of UpOnly television titled ‘Cobie,’ he discusses his emotions about becoming a “millionaire” because of cryptocurrency. However, it isn’t very confident if his net worth is in the 7, 8, or nine-figure range as of now.
Concerning his allocations to crypto, in March 2020, he mentioned having only 5% of his net worth in cryptocurrency and 95% in cash and belongings, but he has also tweeted conflicting facts.

CryptoCobain is likewise present on Instagram. However, he isn’t as active as on Twitter.

Cobie co-hosts the UpOnly podcast (with Brian “Ledger” Krogsgard). The podcast covers trends in the cryptocurrency enterprise and features interviews with distinguished traders.

Cobie is present on the Twitch streaming platform as nicely. Sometimes, Cobie and his viewers “raid” random Twitch streamers, donating tens of thousands of dollars in crypto to them in the process.

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