Jae Kwon

Jae Kwon

Jae Kwon

Jae Kwon

United StatesUnited States
‘83 / 41 Y.O.
Years Present
2016 - now
Net Worth
$10.00 M

Cosmos was a concept created via the founders Jae Kwon and Ethan Buchman in 2016, with a white paper that mentioned what the internet of blockchains is. A fundraiser in 2017 was released on the Interchain basis, and the first blockchain in the Cosmos ecosystem, the Cosmos Hub (launched in early 2019).

The rags-to-riches legend of Cosmos from 2017 (turning a $17 million token sale into roughly $104 million by 2019) nearly came to an end in February 2020 when the interoperability project’s founding group engaged in a scathing feud. Zaki Manian stated it was useless to continue with the current company structure at Tendermint, adding the dramatic yet amicable breakup split the founding team into three agencies, which may also benefit Cosmos.

Kwon keeps spearheading Tendermint’s work on software improvement, as does Manian’s startup, Illusion, and some groups like Althea and Chainsafe. The non-profit created a startup in Berlin, Interchain GmbH, now staffed via former Tendermint technologists operating on the same dreams as 2019.

Founder Jae Kwon accused early contributor Zaki Manian of blasphemy, arguing over whether this software was “godly” and disturbing that Manian renounces his “self-professed godliness. Cosmos veteran Peng Zhong has taken the reins as Tendermint’s new CEO, while Kwon continues to be president of the foundation and CTO at Tendermint. There’s constantly going to be politics at play regarding who receives funding. ICF supply supervisor Billy Rennekamp said the foundation is working on structuring an outside advisory board to provide an ecosystem-wide perspective on investment proposals.

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