Andre Cronje

Andre Cronje

Andre Cronje

Andre Cronje

South AfricaSouth Africa
‘83 / 41 Y.O.
Years Present
2017 - 2022
Net Worth
$600.00 M

Andre Cronje, a talented programmer, is best known for designing and Keep3rV1. He has also worked on several well-known DeFi projects, like Sushiswap and Cream v2. Cronje is a software architect with over twenty years of development expertise. Five months after completing a three-year computer science program, he was requested to remain at the Computer Training Institute Education Group as an instructor. He served as a lecturer there for nearly a year.

Cronje received a law degree from Stellenbosch University in 2003, much to many. Before delving into encryption and mobile security, he began to design Big Data and high transactional infrastructure for telcos.

Recent initiatives on his part involve developing fintech solutions and utilizing blockchain technology to provide DeFi products and services to unbanked Africans. Lastly, he served as the technical adviser for Fantom, a DAG-based smart contract platform.

Cronje’s approach is to develop first and then correct bugs. Along with his unorthodox viewpoints, his “I test in prod” Twitter profile is well-known in the cryptocurrency community. Once, he said on Twitter: “Disclaimer: when I create software, I make it for myself. Please take caution if you insist on engaging with it since there will be bugs. The purpose of interfaces is to make my life simpler. I will make errors. Please don’t utilize it if you don’t comprehend it.”

Cronje recently stated to Cointelegraph that the public portrayal of him as willing to abandon the DeFi community on a whim and as “flitting” is “absolutely accurate.” In a January 2021 blog post titled “Building in DeFi Sucks,” he elaborated on his love-hate connection with DeFi, stating that it was created for therapeutic purposes.

Cronje did, however, give a glimpse into the realm of DeFi development by highlighting key areas. Cronje says that community members harass developers with follow-ups, updates, and sometimes negative messages: “Take something that is already tough and make it infinitely more difficult,” he stated.

Cronje has also updated his blog with information on the projects he has been working on. Among these are various upgrades and expansions for his crypto NFT game Rarity. In November, he also announced the debut of Convex Boost Delegation, which enables customers to “transfer any unused ver V to Convex to improve their yield even more.” He also revealed additional Keep3r Network improvements, including Fixed Forex and several other extensions.

When Cronje tweeted “ve(3,3)” at the beginning of January, the crypto community speculated that the developer was about to introduce a new DeFi 2.0 project. Still, it was eventually revealed to be Solid, a new project on the Fantom blockchain.

He teased numerous aspects of ve(3,3) project, on which he has collaborated with fellow DeFi developer Daniele Sestagalli. In a blog post named “ve(3,3),” Cronje wrote: “Short paper describing how a ‘possible future’ emission-based token might balance ecosystem players… Standard vesting escrow terms are applicable.” Additionally, Sestagalli announced the initiative on Twitter: “Andre and I are establishing a new cryptocurrency on Fantom.” Fantom disclosed in a blog post that “TVL-based coins will be airdropped to Fantom projects.”

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