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One thing we surely know - it's too much work for us alone. We have an appeal for everyone that likes CryptoTeka and want us to evolve this project continually:

Please, contact us!

We are looking for good and decent people to help us grow. We are not looking at the quick buck - we want to create a sustainable project, so anybody who wants to sell us or use us in any other way - please step aside. We want to work only with people that have the same core values as us - do good, be compassionate, do your job without complaining and don't procrastinate too much, and have a responsibility for yourself and all the people of our Earth.

So if you have those core values, have the following skills, and want to help us grow, please contact us - we promise you - we are doing something great together!
Crypto journalists, enthusiasts, influencers, developers, designers, financiers - all are welcome.

Everybody else, don't be disappointed, in the future, we are sure that we will need You too :)

Until then, have a great time on CryptoTeka.

CryptoTeka Collaboration

Are you an Influencer or a Writer?

You can get CryptoTeka Status just by using your community or skills.

  • People with communities that help us grow will be assigned Status Influencer.
  • People that write or code for us will be appointed Status Administrators.

    CryptoTeka Partner

    Do you want to collaborate on a different level?

    If you are interested in a Partnership different than CryptoTeka Portal utilities or functionalities:

    • We are open to all kinds of Blockchain-related development in other areas.
    • We want to grow, so - if you have any Marketing suggestions.

      CryptoTeka is committed to guaranteeing the security and protection of the personal data we process and providing a compliant and consistent approach to data protection according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We will save the information you supply if necessary for the query process. Please view our Privacy Policy to discover more about how we collect, save, and process your private information per the GDPR.
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