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Web3 & Blockchain Spring 2023 Events
С наближаването на пролетта на 2023 г. се случват големи неща в Уеб3 и Блокчейн технологиите. Дългоочакваният ъпгрейд на Етериум – Шапела, ще се случи на 12 април 2023 ...
National Geographic has received criticism for its NFT collection
Global research platform National Geographic has received a lot of criticism from the crypto community after launching its first collection of non-fungible tokens in partnership with Snowcrash on the Polygon network. On January 17, National Geographic unveiled its NFT collection, based on the ...
Nexo is being sued for allegedly blocking $126 million in 2020-2021
Tags:: lawsuit | Nexo
The plaintiffs allege that Nexo froze their accounts in 2020-21 after they requested to withdraw their assets from the platform. A group of investors who claim the crypto lender prevented them from drawing more than $126 million worth of cryptocurrencies has filed a lawsuit in High Court in London. ...
A-BigMove Is Coming For Bitcoin
1665564202 12 Oct / 08:43
A prominent trader who accurately predicted Bitcoin‘s (BTC) fall of over 50% in March is now warning that new lows are ahead. The Twitter monger who goes by the name ‘Capo‘ told his followers that once the cryptocurrency‘s brief surge is over, a major capitulation could be ...
Things don't look good for Bitcoin, says expert
As the overall cryptocurrency market tries to regain strength and Bitcoin (BTC) struggles to hold above the $19,000 level, there could be more bad news for the leading digital asset. Crypto trader and analyst Josh Rager suggested that “things don’t look so good right now” for ...
Kenya is under pressure to convert its reserves to Bitcoin
Kenya’s central bank governor Patrick Njoroge has admitted that he has been under external pressure from cryptocurrency supporters to convert the country’s reserves into Bitcoin (BTC). According to Njoroge, the idea could be called “madness,” noting that converting the ...
Interstellar money: Or how the greatness of Bitcoin from 2017 fades to return or disappear
The crypto industry is preparing for severe consequences after the collapse over the weekend. Bitcoin falls to $17,628 under pressure from rising central bank interest rates. But this is not the only crisis that is looming. Over the past few days, rising temperatures at CeFi lender Celsius saw CEO ...
To Bitcoin or Not to Be(t) coin
1653036779 20 May / 08:52
Gareth Soloway, the chief market strategist at, predicts that Bitcoin could adjust to $12,000. In an interview with Stansberry Research, Soloway said the correction remains possible because Bitcoin has never experienced the current environment, characterized by quantitative ...
About Terra or the "House of cards"
Type:: Thoughts
Tags:: analysis | crypto | Luna | Terra | UST
Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Circle, the company that issues the second-largest stable coin, USDC, says he predicted the collapse of Terra and UST’s algorithmic stablecoin six months ago because it’s a “house of cards.” “There were two things that surprised me. One was just ...
Crypto Critics or Crypto Holders
1652640657 15 May / 18:50
One of Bitcoin‘s most prominent critics has publicly said he was wrong about Bitcoin after years of rejecting the so-called digital gold. “I was wrong about Bitcoin,” Peter Schiff said on April 2, sparking a severe Twitter discussion. “So many of us appreciate and respect ...
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