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Who Owns the Most Dogecoin in 2023 - Robinhood, Binance, Elon Musk, and more
Have you often pondered who has the most Dogecoin in their possession? Dogecoin has seen enormous growth over the years, and it is now widely recognized as one of the market’s most well-known and easily obtainable cryptocurrencies. However, because of the coin’s low value and continuous ...
Top 5 Altcoins to Watch in December
1670264106 05 Dec / 18:15
Type:: Analysis
Tags:: analysis | BNB | GMX | LINK | MATIC | TON
The crypto sector continues to struggle with the cascading effects of the FTX implosion, with most digital assets trading in a range or, at best, making modest gains. Analyzing the recent events surrounding the five altcoins listed below, part of the community believes that the mentioned ...
Ethereum Token Analysis – OCT 2022
1667039638 29 Oct / 10:33
Type:: Analysis
Ethereum (ETH): How many tokens will be burned each year? Ethereum (ETH) burning was introduced with EIP-1559, and thousands of ETH have been taken out of circulation since then. ETH burning continues in an attempt to make the cryptocurrency deflationary and has succeeded in some blocks. Given the ...
OneCoin: Ex-employee of the company sued for money laundering
Allegations of money laundering, fraud, and banking crimes have been brought against individuals associated with fugitive OneCoin founder Ruzha Ignatova. According to reports, a Munich lawyer who worked with the “crypto queen” allegedly transferred $19.7 million to Ignatova to purchase ...
A-BigMove Is Coming For Bitcoin
1665564202 12 Oct / 08:43
A prominent trader who accurately predicted Bitcoin‘s (BTC) fall of over 50% in March is now warning that new lows are ahead. The Twitter monger who goes by the name ‘Capo‘ told his followers that once the cryptocurrency‘s brief surge is over, a major capitulation could be ...
Things don't look good for Bitcoin, says expert
As the overall cryptocurrency market tries to regain strength and Bitcoin (BTC) struggles to hold above the $19,000 level, there could be more bad news for the leading digital asset. Crypto trader and analyst Josh Rager suggested that “things don’t look so good right now” for ...
Three Arrows Capital and Celsius: Battling against insolvency
Playtime is over! It all started in January 2022 when the DeFi ecosystem faced the brunt of the bears fueled by sinking rumors of Three Arrow Capital (3AC) and Celsius liquidations. MakerDAO decided to disconnect Aave (AAVE) from its direct deposit module as protection in light of the possibility ...
To Bitcoin or Not to Be(t) coin
1653036779 20 May / 08:52
Gareth Soloway, the chief market strategist at, predicts that Bitcoin could adjust to $12,000. In an interview with Stansberry Research, Soloway said the correction remains possible because Bitcoin has never experienced the current environment, characterized by quantitative ...
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