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1652393486 12 May / 22:11
In 2018, Terra was co-founded by Do Kwon. Terraform Labs is the company behind Terra and Kwon holds the CEO position. Do Kwon, formerly a founder of a wireless mesh network startup constructing decentralized applications, defined how Terra can flip those issues into a possibility to build cash from the ground up. One part of Terra’s ...
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1652387575 12 May / 20:32
In 2018, Terra was co-founded by Daniel Shin. Before developing Terra, Shin co-founded Ticket Monster, known as TMON (South Korean e-commerce platform). Then he co-based Fast Track Asia, a startup incubator working with entrepreneurs to build entirely operating companies. Throughout conversations between co-founders, Daniel Shin and
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1649110322 04 Apr / 22:12
Terra was founded in January 2018 to facilitate the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies by developing digital native assets that are rate-stable towards the world’s top fiat currencies. Keeping in mind that preceding innovations in the generation of money turned into bootstrapped through massive fee networks (
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